Scott and I teamed up to participate in a Game Jam event that the Haunted PS1 community puts out every year for December, called the MADVENT CALENDAR. It consists of 25+ FREE bite-sized little spooky weird games to play every day for the month of December. Scott & I enjoyed playing these strange little nuggets so much the last couple years, that we really wanted to try and contribute to it this year.

Our game is DAY 5 of the MADVENT Calendar


We were lucky enough to snag the date for December 5th and make a small horror-experience for Krampusnacht.

The result is For Goodness Sake“, a fairly short & heady horror game. On the night of Krampusnacht- where Krampus comes to take naughty children and sometimes reward good ones- you as a small paranoid kid decide to do some extra chores around the house (to guarantee your spot on the Nice list). You begin to find yourself contemplating & diving into the psychological concepts of what it is to be Nice or Naughty. 5 trolley problems await you. Will what you decide align with what Krampus enforces? Will Krampus end up taking you?

We ended up taking a lot of the visual grit used in DEAD LETTER DEPT. and ran with it for this short little game to save on time. Expected playtime about 15-25 minutes to complete.

— ❄ HOW TO GET IT ❄ —

“For Goodness Sake” is available on Day 5 in the MADVENT Calendar bundle, FREE to download off Itch.io! The calendar operates off the honor system (meaning you can technically play all the games at any time), so it’s up to you whether or not you honor waiting for December 5th to play it of course 👹

“For Goodness Sake” is also going to be made available for FREE on Steam & Ich.io, on December 5th, if you’d like to play it exclusively that way.

Newsletters take up time, but nontheless thank you for being here. I’d take this over wagging about on social media anyday if I could. So whatever holiday you celebrate this December, I hope it goes as smooth and stress-free as it can. And if Krampus visits your household, may it just be for a casual hello 👹

-Mike & Scott

Krampuscarten by Josef Diveky (1909)