Announcing Kaibutsu: Another World


ANNOUNCING KAIBUTSU: ANOTHER WORLD – A new language learning project by Scott McKie!
Learning a new language is not something ever done casually. Scott has been trying to learn Japanese for a good number of years now- mostly ambient learning attempts through casual things like Duolingo- but he found not much of it exactly sticking. There’s a lot more that goes into learning a language beyond memorization, it turns out.

After visiting Japan one year, it quickly became apparent that being in an environment where one is constantly exposed to and having to deduce (from multiple contexts) what is what in the language, can speed up learning dramatically. Many study strategies seem to agree that constant exposure to the foreign language is a key component to integrating it faster.

As a result of this experience Scott has begun work on a new experimental project- Kaibutsu: Another World – a game to teach himself Japanese, by making a game about learning Japanese. The main premise is a fish-out-of-water (Isekai) fantasy scenario, where you are stranded in a village of Yokai creatures, and will have to rapidly pick up the language in order to get by. Sorta like Duolingo meets an Adventure game/RPG.

Attempts at learning-a-language-through-gaming have been tried a handful of times, and we believe there’s definitely room for more exploration- especially in the specific attempts to be fully immersed in a foreign environment.

But anyways, that’s the tease for now. Expect to hear much more about this project in the future as it develops!