So wait, what’s going on with NOISETUBE?

So. Basically, 2020 happened. There were lots of plans to go around to huge amounts of VR/Media shows to build up awareness and interest in launching NOISETUBE into Early Access, annnd well that basically all went out of the window once Covid started writing history. Additionally, attempts to build up interest on the Steam platform were not as responsive as I hoped, despite once having a large Google Cardboard audience for the original version.

So, for the moment NOISETUBE is hibernating as I’m unable to focus on it as an Early Access product full time, nor do I want to release it in a wonky state. The good news is that the SteamVR market has been steadily growing every year, and VR doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. I’m happy to address any questions, so feel free to reach out about it.

– Mike