Mercury Notes

Quick and easy note taking, with cross-compatible tag functionality and iCloud sync for iOS.

Alas, Mercury Notes is no longer available for download.

Mercury Notes Features

Efficient & Fast Note-Taking

Don't wait for erroneous clunky features to load. Write down your thoughts faster

System native tagging

Notes utilize native macOS tagging for better searchability

iCloud Sync

Sync your notes freely between iOS and anything running iCloud

Clean Format

All your notes are stored in easy human readable files

Notes Made Easy

With Mercury Notes, all of your notes are accessible via search, and can be created from a search.

Create Notes

Begin typing immediately in the search bar to locate your notes, or to start your next one.

Powerful Tags

Create numerous tags for your notes. All created tags are compatible with macOS native tags, and can be located via macOS' Finder.

Built for iCloud

Synchronize your notes easily across all of your iCloud enabled devices.

Contact Support

Have questions or need support for Mercury Notes? Get in touch.